NecroBones - Neverwinter Nights

Darkwood Camps

Current module stats:
  • Zones: 2

  • Quests: 0

  • Recommended party: N/A, Social.

  • File size: 2.9 MB



  • Genre: Social Action
  • Estimated LAN-Party Playtime: N/A
  • Estimated Construction Time: 2+ hours


I created this module with the idea that it could be run casually on a server as a social gathering place. I've seen and heard of mods that people have run that are taverns that serve this purpose, where players can log in and casually converse with other adventurers, and share an ale.

This mod is meant to serve a similar function, except it attempts to capture the feel of a night-time campfire in the woods. Everyone can stand around the fire and trade stories of battle and glory. And if they choose, they can wander off into the woods and hunt a variety of creatures and monsters, and there is also a pair of well-stocked vendors with good prices and a wide selection of arms and armor.


  1. Tent Interior 2x2
  2. Darkwood 32x32

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Vendor Area
Bottomless Waterfall
Old Graveyard
Old Graveyard
Old Ruins

Skeleton Warrior

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