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Freeport Necropolis

Anchor Cemetery
Current module stats:
  • Zones: 37

  • Tested/Functioning Quests: 13

  • Incomplete Quests: 0

  • Recommended party: 3-4 5th-10th Level characters.

  • File size: 14.9 MB



  • Genre: Storyline Action
  • Estimated LAN-Party Playtime: 5+ hours
  • Estimated Construction Time: 120+ hours


The module begins in Anchor Cemetery, a large graveyard that serves the wealthy port-city called Freeport, just to the north. The cemetery is most easily reached by sea, but there are forest paths that enable limited land travel. The cemetery, due to it's level of success, has accumulated it's own small village that acts as tenders and guardians of the cemetery. However, for some strange reason, all sorts of things have begun to magically animate. Corpses have risen from their graves, killing some of the villagers, and scaring others off. Even the forces of nature themselves are affected, as a nearby cavern is starting to spew forth various elementals. The underground crypt, where the wealthier and more powerful people have been buried, is assumed to contain the source of this disaster, but no one has been brave enough to venture within, since it's known that accomplished warriors and military leaders, as well as powerful mages, have been buried deep within over the years... and the horror that they could bring into the world as reanimated dead would surely be monstrous.

As the module and the campaign at large continue to develop, the story will be taken through the city of Freeport and beyond. While the problem at the cemetery may be quickly cleaned up by powerful adventurers, the true perpetrators will be more difficult to track down in the long run. The story will eventually lead through necromancers and undead cults, demons and mages, ruins and dungeons.

There will be a story and many plot tasks, but it will also be heavy on the hack-and-slash, just like many of the old D&D dungeon-crawls used to be. If you like ripping through hordes of undead and a few other surprises, this will be the module for you.

The plan is for this to function sufficiently as a semi-persistent server module, allowing for both combat and trade in an on-going environment, if the users so choose. It'll work as a stand-alone single-player campaign, but is really designed for a group of 3 or 4 level 5+ characters ideally (for the greatest combination of teamwork and challenge without being under-powered). To this end, the module has an NPC that will level you up to level 5 if you so desire... and thus if you're going to use this module in a lan-party setting, it's recommended that everyone start with fresh characters and make use of the level-up feature, so that everyone is on fair terms.

Basically what it comes down to is that the module has a single plot-line that can only be completed once, so if used as a semi-persistent server module, only the hack-and-slash and trade will persist. The plot will only run once, and is easily broken if the person with the required plot-items logs out.



  • Added new Skeletal Knights (similar to the new skeletal warriors)
  • Added Liche Lords
  • Added these new creatures to many spawn zones
  • Corrected mistakes in many spawnzones, preventing them from respawning or keeping them too easy.
  • Fixed undead spawn-zone in freeport to not be triggered by the patrolling guards.
  • Added another archer-ambush in the anchor crypts
  • Changed/Adjusted the liche spawns in anchor cemetery mausoleums.
  • Fixed bugs with Skeletal Archers configuration (voice set, missing sword)
  • Repositioned Skellion's ship in the docks, and made everyone on it not face backwards..
  • Beefed up the plot-lich on Crypt level 2.
  • Moved Sir Andron to the entry zone.


  • Corrected Skeletal Warrior's voices (they defaulted to "werewolf" for some reason)
  • Made the Black Knight less resistant, but increased his HP. He's still one nasty SOB though.
  • Added some new items to Ditritus' inventory.
  • Increased starting gifts to 15k XP and 60k GP (formerly 12.5k and 50k respectively).
  • Fixed a bug with Aeric not self-deleting at the end of his quest.


  • Added a few new "Skeletal Warriors" who are slightly upgraded skeleton warriors. Slightly more challenge, and more loot.
  • Adjusted a certain fowl creature to be a little less nasty.


  1. Abandoned Road 32x10
  2. Anchor Cemetery 20x20
  3. Ancient Dungeon 16x16
  4. Cemetery Interior 24x7
  5. Coastal Path 10x32
  6. Crypt Level 1 10x10
  7. Crypt Level 2 16x16
  8. Crypt Level 3 12x5
  9. Dragon Cove 8x8
  10. Entrance Road 4x4
  11. Evil Castle 8x8
  12. Evil Castle Interior 10x10
  13. Fight Academy 5x5
  14. Forest Path 10x32
  15. Fortress 8x6
  16. Fortress: Basement 8x8
  17. Fortress: Prison Level 12x12
  18. Freeport City 20x16
  19. Freeport Petting Zoo 8x8
  20. Freeport Public Baths 5x5
  21. Freeport Sewer 10x10
  22. Graveyard Cavern 12x8
  23. Mage Tower: Basement 4x4
  24. Mage Tower: First Floor 4x4
  25. Mage Tower: Second Floor 3x3
  26. Malmorte's Laboratory 2x2
  27. Mine Shaft 8x16
  28. Necropolis 12x12
  29. Necropolis: Upper Tomb 5x5
  30. Necropolis: Tomb Level 1 16x16
  31. Necropolis: Tomb Level 2 16x16
  32. Sanctuary Interior 10x10
  33. Sanctuary Island 14x10
  34. Shed Interior 3x2
  35. Shops Interior 10x15
  36. Tomb Interior 15x15
  37. Underground Tunnel 32x32

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Anchor Cemetery's Village
The "Ghost Ship"
The Combat Pit
The Petting Zoo
The Black Knight
Dragon Cove
Dragon Cove
Clashing Titans
Talking to Sir Andrew, the Coward
Talking to Morbius
Necropolis Street-Brawls
Animated Armor Surprise
Crypt Entrance
Gravestones at Night

Skeleton Warrior

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